The Lack Of Black Talent In Marketing – 5 Key Steps To Activate Change

The Lack Of Black Talent In Marketing

Black lives, culture and subcultures are not being represented, storytelling is skewed and we are not marketed correctly. This has resulted in image damaging misconceptions that have caused great back-lash on global marketing campaigns, across fashion, beauty, sports and lifestyle commercial brands. Which in turn has and can damage brands bottom line aka their profit. […]

A Day In The Life Of – A Marketing Masters Student, Casey Williams

a day in the life of

Hi Casey, it’s a pleasure to interview you and understand your journey as a marketing student. With so much pressure and the feeling of the unknown looming, as you prepare for life after studying and step into the real world. It’s important to hear from you currently as a student and how that is and […]

A Day In The Life Of – Founder, Olivia. How Did I Get Into Marketing?

A Day In The Life Of

The Beginning I started my career firstly through education. I went to the University of East London studying  Marketing and Media Communications. I always knew I wanted to get into marketing, specialising in fashion in-particularly since secondary school. It started when I was in my business studies class and really enjoyed learning about the 4 […]

What Is The Difference Between Marketing and PR?

One of the most common question within the communications industry from graduates and keen PR and marketing Enthusiast. LOAMG Founder, Olivia Gold did an article on Pepper Your Talk about the key difference between Marketing and Pr. I thought it is only right that I also share this to the Life Of A Marketing Girl […]

Are Luxury Brands For ‘The Culture’? Let’s Take A Look!

Are luxury brands for The Culture

Brands such as Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci are shifting from their traditional marketing strategies. They are now taking Inspirations from youthful, savvy, cool, brands such as Supreme, Kith, Van’s and many other fashion-conscious brands! When I think of streetwear brands the first few that spring to mind are: Supreme, Fear Of God, Kith, Vans, Bape and Off-White. The hype beast sports-luxe Vibe. The culture behind streetwear […]

Why Inclusive Marketing Should Be In Your Marketing Strategy!

Inclusive Marketing

Are we finally seeing inclusive marketing to the industry – I’ll let you be the judge! With the breakthrough of young creatives taking the internet into their own hands and creating their own channels to produce original content. We now have our friends and friends of friends acquiring the same amount followers, impact and even […]