Why Is Networking Important? – 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Networking As A Marketing Maven


For some people, the thought of networking can be daunting and not as appealing as it sounds. It is a vital skill that will sharpen your communication & interpersonal skills. As a marketer, it is important as you embark on your career journey to nurture new and long-term relationships with like-minded professionals.

Here are our 5 reasons why networking is crucial as marketing maven! 

1. Introduction To New Opportunities And Cross Collaborations 

When you are creating a network you are not only just meeting new people but you are opening up the door to learning additional insight which also opens up to trading of information. Through this, the trust will be formed from these exchanges and for long-term relationships with colleagues and like-minded peers. Networking will always benefit you if either you are: unsure of what direction to take in your career or even if you are sure of yourself. Not only will you meet new people, but you will also be able to hear from others who have been successful, which will allow you the chance to explore and decipher what job suits your skillset or where you have the most interest. This is the perfect way to seek understanding and knowledge from others who are excelling within the desired company or role of your choice and start to build those connections for yourself. 

2. Growth In Self-Confidence 

Having an education or even experience is a great start to being successful, but sometimes it can get over-looked, due to having a lack of confidence. In marketing, the consensus of it is to communicate and market to your audience/customer. As a marketer, you also need to be your own best marketer and self-promote aka (self-marketing). Having confidence will also help in job interviews, when you are liaising with multiple stakeholders and when its time to negotiate the desired salary package from an employer. 

3. Get Yourself Noticed 

The best marketers tend to be those that have a vision and who are not afraid to take risks and discover new heights. This is also the mentality to have for yourself as a marketer when networking. whether you are starting a new job or looking for a job, it is important to get yourself out there and noticed. When you are writing your CV it is your right, to boast and share all the amazing experience’s or education you have experienced and achieved. According to Forbes, “Individuals that seek publicity either for business, politics or even fame leverage more on networking”. Consider this, when you are job hunting, or at an event and are not sure who to speak too! Be proud (even if you feel uncomfortable) to stand out, you will be surprised how others will be very open to hear from you.

4. Broaden Your Industry Intellect 

As a marketer being great at what you do is vital, but you can leverage and advance your knowledge by broadening your industry intellect. Networking allows you to widen your intel on business, future trends and new exciting innovations, that is relevant and groundbreaking. Building your industry intellect contributes to your USP as a professional marketer. Think about it?, if you are the young women within your team at work that is in tune with cultural trends, this is an invaluable skill that is critical when its time to present new innovative business ideas or campaign plans. 

5. Maximise Your Potential 

Maximising your potential sounds very cliche, but it is probably one of the most critical aspects for individual and career growth. For example, let’s say you want to be a social media consultant within commercial banking. How do you know how to be the best if you do not know who is the most successful social media consultants at the top banks? Or hear of the biggest social media campaigns and who was behind it? It is very helpful and inspiring to understand the blueprint of those who have achieved what you are trying to achieve for yourself. You can meet, hear from and even and speak too successful professionals by networking at events, seminars, and conferences and building those connections. Having key contacts throughout your career will contribute to your overall development. As you climb up the ladder and grow a network it will open up more opportunities or connect you to others that can guide you along the way. 


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