A Day In The Life Of – A Marketing Masters Student, Casey Williams

a day in the life of

Hi Casey, it’s a pleasure to interview you and understand your journey as a marketing student. With so much pressure and the feeling of the unknown looming, as you prepare for life after studying and step into the real world. It’s important to hear from you currently as a student and how that is and will contribute to your future as a marketer. So, let’s get started!

What are you currently studying? 

I am currently studying for my Master’s Degree in International Fashion Design Marketing, at Regents University London.


Why did you decide to study this course? And want to get into marketing? 

Marketing is all about businesses having the power to target their audiences through advertisements and digital media to make sales. My three main reasons for studying marketing are:


  1. Creating Content 
  2. Consumer Behaviour
  3.  Measuring Success

Having a strong passion for these three things, I decided to study fashion marketing because I have an intense passion for the fashion industry. In fashion marketing, it’s all about creating content to target audiences to achieve sales and measuring the success of the content by analysing market research and the consumer’s response. 


What are you currently learning this semester? 

Throughout my degree, I have studied various modules including; Fashion Branding, Fashion Marketing Communication Strategies, Retail Marketing, and the Global Fashion Consumer. These courses have helped me a lot with understanding marketing in general, but more specifically for the fashion industry. In these modules we’re given theories that have been applied to marketing for over 100 years and how they have worked overtime. Then we learn the key terms in the marketing industry and also look at the market today and do in-depth analysis. Studying is a great achievement and gives you first insight into what key skills are vital when you get into the ‘real world’.


Do you feel your course has equipped you with enough entry-level information into a career in marketing? 

Definitely! At first, you are given the foundation of general marketing principles, terms, and theories. Later, we use the knowledge and apply it specifically to the fashion industry and learn how they use it to generate sales. The marketing industry is always changing, so my course needed to lay a foundation for marketing as a separate entity before introducing international fashion marketing. 


Do you know what job in marketing you would like to pursue? 

I love Social Media and Content Creation. I think it is important that brands generate content via social media channels to reach a variety of audiences. I love engaging people through social media content and having the ability to measure success through analytics. 


If there is one thing you believe that is missing from the industry to help young professionals what would you say that is? 

More internships! Jobs today are looking to hire people with an extensive resume filled with internships or experience that is relevant to the position, that way they’re able to hire someone without showing them the ropes. Companies need to offer more than one internship at a time that way young professionals will gain the knowledge needed to apply to those entry-level positions.


Thank you, Casey, for sharing your journey and can’t wait to see whats next for you after you graduate. You will forever be a #LifeOfAMarketingGirl Alumni.


A Day In The Life Of

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One Response

  1. Brilliant interview, I found this to be very helpful since I’m anticipating my Master’s Degree in Marketing & Digital Strategy, at Leeds Beckett University this fall! :). My reasons for choosing this course alongside my passion for marketing are quite similar:

    – Content Creation
    – Consumer Behaviour
    – Strategic Decision
    – Social Media

    I absolutely agree that more internships should be out there without a vast requirement of experience for aspiring young professionals like myself struggle to get a headstart in this career.