Copywriting 101 – Top 5 Tips To Get The Message Right


What is copywriting and how does it contribute and elevate content for marketers?

Copywriting is part of the art and method to help sell the product or service via persuasive communications for customers and readers to take action. Another view for definition is defined to be, the activity or occupation of writing text advertisements or publicity material. In marketing, copywriting is used to drive consumers to buy products using informative content to persuade.

Copywriting uses “clickbait” headlines that motivate consumers to sign up for email promotions, ad campaigns, and free trials. Have you ever seen an ad that read, “5 Reasons Why You Should Buy” or “These 6 Products Will Change Your Life” followed by a short post about the product? Well that is the job of the copywriter. Persuasion is the key to the content that the copywriter produces. Their advertisements will not inform the customer about the product itself but talk about how this product or service will benefit the target consumer’s lifestyle. In marketing, the phrase “call to action” is used to describe pieces of content intended to entice a viewer, reader, or listener to perform a specific act, typically taking the form of an instruction or directive. Copywriting in marketing is used to drive the reader to purchase a product and guide their research about the business or brand.

While copywriting as a marketing technique uses content to engage their consumers, this is not the same as content marketing. Content marketing is used to inform consumers through 500-1,000 word blog posts. For example, this article is being used as content to inform readers more about the role of copywriting and how it is used in marketing in hopes that the reader will engage more with our informative content. While copywriting is more short-form, anywhere from 100-1,000 words, and tells you what the product does, why you need it, and where you’re able to purchase. Having the ability to write the content will help you to gain skills to become a copywriter, however the main purpose of copywriting I to engage and persuade consumers to purchase a product or service through straightforward content.


   Top tips to improve your skills as a copywriter 

  • Understanding what jobs are available  -take the time to do research and find out why companies hire copywriters. A company creates an immense amount of content, which they will need a copywriter for. A few content examples for corporations are:
    – Make content for their website
    – Press releases
    – Product description content – making sure their product content helps convert to a sale/click-through
    – Make sure customers understand how to signup
    – Send customers packets explaining their policy
    – Scripts for sales teams to follow
    – Company brochures/leaflets/newsletters
  • Know the landscape – Understand the field you want to write in, so you can begin creating content tailored to your prospective clients.
  • Social media – Use social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to advertise your work and reach out to potential clients. It’s the easiest and most effective way to network and let people know of your services.
  • Find a job or freelance work – You may have to start small and thats ok. Sometimes taking the small tying jobs will help build your portfolio as well as build trust with long term companies that will lead into long term collaborations.
  • Carve out a niche – with copywriting you have the choice to work in any industry/sector you desire. Why not, pick an area or topic of interest as one of your main areas of expertise. For example, if you worked for a big fitness company and the majority of your work was on diet to aid muscle building workouts, then consider marketing yourself as a copywriter that specializes in health and fitness. This will help you gain credibility.


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