Coach “Coaching It Forward”. Connecting Customers To Real Conversations.


Coach is a leading design house of modern luxury accessories and lifestyle collections, with a long-standing reputation built on quality craftsmanship. As an all-American brand, they define themselves as a free-spirited, all-American attitude, reimagining luxury for today with an authenticity and innovation that is uniquely Coach. 

For Coach’s Spring 2021 collection they kicked off their ‘Coach It Forward’ campaign positioned around, the power of positivity, celebrating the importance of recognising the people in our lives that we need love an care about. This Coach campaign invites customers to leave a message of gratitude for someone in their lives, creating a ripple effect of optimism and connecting communities around the world. 

Let’s take a look at the campaign Success Factors that we at Life Of A Marketing Girl want to highlight for budding marketers to consider using these strategies:

Coach - Coach It Forward

Leveraging Stories For Your Business

Coach has taken a unique approach to launching their Spring 2021 collection. In a time where fashion trends are the least of everyone’s worry, Coach has successfully intertwined a story that resonates deeper than a fashion collection. 

Focusing their brand narrative on ‘Coaching It Forward’ empowering their audiences to celebrate people in our own lives and ensure we uplift and recognise their value. In present times the world is looking for happiness and positive information as we have all dealt with the scare in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. Coach has taken an effective approach to bringing back love, positivity and real-live values that all humans have in common and can connect with. 

This is an important strategy for all B2C brands to consider because it humanizes the business, highlighting core values we can all connect to and share that message. 

Providing Valuable Content

Coach recently launched a new content series called ‘Coach Conversations’ In this series Coach partners with inspiring public figures such as Jennifer Lopez, Jay Shetty, Michael B. Jordan and many more to discuss culture, community and conversation on a monthly basis while sharing wisdom and positivity to highlight important conversation such as social injustice, inclusivity and achieving personal success.  

This type of content, is a great example of how a brand can pivot and position themselves to stand for important values, contributing to today’s world news and concerns, such as community and injustice. ‘Coaching It Forward’ YouTube program educates their audience, which in turn is an opportunity to connect with their customers, as well as new audiences. For a campaign like this to work it has to be an authentic narrative that is relevant and will resonate with the masses. 

Cross Channel Content Strategy

Coach utilised digital formats to launch Coach conversations via YouTube, Instagram and Twitter which allows for mass reach and the key platforms to connect, interact and receive feedback and comments from viewers. Whilst the majority of the world is at home, digital channels allow you to join your customer right where they are. 

In today’s climate customer are seeing through made-up content. Coach has successfully launched a new collection but most importantly, contributing to an important conversation, evoking positivity during a sensitive time.


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