Top 3 Tips On How You Can Utilize A Holistic Marketing Approach To Attain & Sustain New Clients


In an age of inspirational quotes and Instagram fame, it can be difficult for social media marketers to give their clients a voice to stand out from the crowd in this oversaturated millennial pink world. (no shade, I love millennial pink) so I pose the questions…

How can you, the digital marketer, keep your client relatable, relevant while scaling up their business? My answer – holistically!!!

Holistic marketing

Their are 4 basic principles that translate across the digital marketing board (product, price, place and promotion) but how do you follow the pillars generic directives whilst distinguishing your client from the rest? By keeping them relatable and also uniquely themselves. 

 How to Implement the Holistic Approach.

Step 1: The First Date 

From the pre-zoom butterflies to the awkward wave goodbye, this first step is crucial to building that trust between you and your future client. 


 In this phase (which is commonly called a consultation) instead of self-promoting your service, dive deep into who the client is, why they are interested in you and what their “moonshot” goals are. 


 You’ll have that gut feeling if you can elevate their business/brand from the get-go. Some partnerships may take longer to align and establish key areas of growth but as an expert, this is your opportunity to either strengthen your skills with this potential client. You can take some time to think and analyze how will you be able to provide your service, how can I execute this to the best standard and once decided move forward to book a follow up a consultation. 

Step 2: Show Curiosity & Interest with Marketing Flare 

 Now that you have booked your ideal client (yay) it’s time for you to tap into their needs and wants and get a deeper understanding of your new client, as well as building a better relationship with them so that they can have trust in you. Start to work on that consultant to client relationship and concentrate on building those long-term goals. 

This is how I do it;

Time to get into the actionable steps and logistics of setting a seamless working relationship. 

Create a shared document; WhatsApp chat group, Google document file, status sheet, whichever one is more fitting for your working style) where you both can communicate. Always have that moonshot goal as the top priority, that way your client can see you understand their vision and you will both feel like you have an end goal that is directly in-line with the client’s top business ambitions. 

Step 3: Be Honest About Your Commitment 

Taking the holistic approach can sometimes push the boundaries of the client/marketer relationship. On a positive side, you have established a great connection between yourself and your client, however, this can sometimes overlap with your personal time. It is important that you implement some terms to establish a clear structure of time accounted for and your client is aware of that, so you feel that you have a clear work-life balance. 


This is how I kindly phrase boundaries with my clients to suit both of our needs.  


“To make the most out of our time together I have allocated {insert number of hours} so I can solely concentrate on working towards your goals. Each {insert allotted time framefor example, week or month} we will focus on {insert relevant actionable strategy tasks} and discuss what’s working and how we can grow. 


 If you have an urgent question or need to contact me outside of our allotted time together you can reach me via {insert your favourite method of communication} but please note, it may take a little longer for me to get back to you.”

How Working Holistically Pivoted My Social Media Marketing Business. 

 What has worked for me as I have grown within this sector, is the word of mouth strategy. It has consistently been the ultimate marketing tool that increased my clientele and since implementing my holistic approach I had my clients share positive experiences and my work to their friends which help acquire new business.  

 I have also changed how I market myself, this becomes most apparent my new username branding. I went from Jessica Sophia Bruno – Social Media Marketer to Jessica Sophia Bruno – Your Social Media BFF.

If you have any questions you can DM me,  your fellow marketing girl – @jessica.sophia.bruno  

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