Sustainability Within Marketing

sustainable marketing

Marketing as we know it is all about consumer communication, amplifying and activating key voices through; social media, advertising, and the various key channels to sustain and maintain customer retention and build community. With sustainability being a personal pain point for consumers, as they make a further effort to treat the environment better and realise that consumerism is affecting and contributing to global warming. For brands, sustainability is also a major pain point as they try and tackle decades of harmful contributions of unethical standards via mass production of clothing material, packaging waste and long haul imports of products. 

With this in mind Life Of A Marketing Girl is breaking down what Sustainable Marketing is and why its key for young marketers to know and understand as they enter the industry and work for global commercial brands.

Sustainability within marketing, also popularly known as, ‘green marketing’ is the promotion of environmental and social friendly investments. The concept of sustainable marketing is to hold companies accountable to meeting the needs of now, without comprising the future and taking into consideration the generations to come.

According to Deloitte’s 2020 Marketing Trends Insights, the issues consumers identify with when deciding which brands to purchase from is that:

  • 20% of consumers value companies who treat and take care of their environment.
  • 19% of consumers value companies that support their communities.
  • Totalling to 39% of consumers, prefer and invest in companies with sustainable marketing and conscious thinking. 
Sustainability as a topic is a process, rather than a final destination. With that being said, how can marketers be more sustainable? 

Check Out Our Four Key Tips Below:


  • Start strong, with a well thought out, researched, and meaningful message to share with and reach consumers. A strong message will draw consumers in, with curiosity and eagerness to buy or simply take interest in the message and brand. H&M is a leading example of sustainable marketing, their sustainable message is, ‘Change is at our core and now it’s time to change fashion’ – simple yet potent.

Sustainable Marketing


  • An example of your message is the physical explanation or future example a company provides to its consumers. Your example can also depict what sustainability truly means to your company and why it is important. H&M’s example of this is their conscious capsule range. An eclectic range of dresses made from organic, recycled and other sustainable sourced materials. A physical example of their message and the change they are marking.


  •  Not all sustainability in marketing needs to be a grand gesture, however – exclusivity and contemporary marketing always win. Innovative marketing also acts as a double force, creates awareness and gives the consumers a chance to be a part of or join the movement. H&M’s provides all their sustainably sourced clothing, across departments with a green-conscious hand tag. Bright and niche – creating awareness, a community to be a part of with a reminder of consciousness every time you buy.



  • Sustainability as a movement provides a new and better way of life for us and the generations to come – longer and greener earth. Therefore ensuring your sustainable marketing strategy is genuine holds promise to customers, all roads leading to a greener future is imperative in providing a clear mission and longevity. Having depth within your story of change, a chain of events with a growing target, shows transparency, commitment to the cause and creates an authentic and palpable relationship with your consumers. H&M cements its sustainable marketing and fashion with a promise of transparency. In their sustainable collection, H&M provides a promising feature of the latest information on Zero Waste Fashion – providing a video of how their sustainable garments are made. Behind the Brand – sharing knowledge about the business, facts, and figures in regards to where they measure against sustainability within the fashion industry and Feel Good Fashion – what’s in your clothes? An explanation and an in-depth description of materials and chemicals that can harmful for you, the environment, and where they are sourced from.

Sustainability Marketing

Sustainability has been the future forecast, worldwide throughout all companies for a while now. Is sustainable marketing an integral part of your strategy? If not, it can be, and if it is – how can it be improved? Our core how to’s above can help you and spread awareness within the realm of sustainable marketing. #LOAMG

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